Veena Malik willing to bare for Playboy for $1 million

Pakistani controversial movie star Veena Malik, who made headlines for her controversial “nude” FHM India shoot, has revealed that she would pose clean off for world famous male adult magazine, Playboy for 1 million dollars. Looks like she has tried to jump in global western bold world.

During a recent interview, the Pakistani actress said that that she is a model and she will definatley pose ‘nude’ if she gets a $1million offer from the ‘Playboy’ magazine.

She said, “I’d think about it. Why would I say no? It’s a great opportunity. I’d definitely go for that. “That is my job. I am a model and I would consider every single opportunity that comes my way.”

Playboy magazine’s photo shoot means nudity. It is quite sure that Veena Malik will soon stand nude in front of camera again after her semi-nude pose for male adult magazine FHM India shoot.