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Banglar Mela, one of the famous fashion houses of Bangladesh has prepared its Eid Collection this year with panjabis, fatuas, shirts, saris, shalwar kameez sets, tops, kurtas and children’s dresses. Traditional men’s wear Panjabis are made with classic Joysree silk, endi, cotton materials but the nakshi kantha patterned indigenous caps are the ones to look out for. The caps are very trendy and traditional with royal kurtas.

Banglar Mela is offering both short and long types shalwar kameez, made with silk and cotton fabrics, with a classy touch both for teen and middle-aged women. They have a large collection of saris. All varieties of saris including Tangail cotton, katan, organza silk, endi and cotton saris are available, designed by their expert designers. You can buy these dresses at any of the showrooms of Banglar Mela.

Click the below link to see more details about  the products and price:


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nabila fashion house bangladesh

nabila fashion house bangladesh

Nabila Boutiques Bangladesh (Nabila Fashion House Bangladesh) has been offering a discount offer on every product in this Holy month of Ramadan. This Ramadan get 15% discount on every products and sale 20-25% off on all shoes item at Nabila Boutiques Bangladesh. Hottest fashion, best price and satisfactory quality are waiting for you at the outlets of Nabila Boutiques House Bangladesh.

Shop in this Ramadan with Nabila and get your life time Gold Card that ensures life long discount shopping at Nabila!

Nabila Boutiques Bangladesh brings  Exclusive Ladies and Men’s Collection for Ramadan 2012. The fashion house has been serving customer with a good satisfaction since its launch.

Follow the link below to know more about the offer and browse the latest collection of Nabila Fashion House. http://www.nabila-bd.com

You will find exclusive bridal collection, saree, panjabi and many other products.

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Now a day’s people are very conscious about fashion and style. They always want to know the latest fashion and style news. Considering the demand RTV has been arranged a program called “Look @ me.” This program has been arranged with our daily life style. “Look @ me is a fashion, style and glamour based program for all type of viewers. Through this program viewers can get fashion and glamour related news and tips.

The program is broadcast at 9.50 PM in every Tuesday with the direction of Shohel Rana Viddut and the presentation of Aajra.

Many segment in every phase, such as Fashion upgrade, career, medical tips, lifestyle, grooming, fit and fine. Spectators have seen various types of new fashion dresses in the fashion upgrade segment. In the career segment audience can knows the suitable job for the current time.

People can know the information they need through this program.

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Anjans is a well-known fashion house in Bangladesh for new and unique dresses designs for different occasions.

New design dress has brought by fashion house Anjans on the occasion of Independence Day. They have given preference to red and green color to get this new design. Besides this Shari, Punjabi, Kurta, Salowar kameez, Fatua, T-shirt and Shirt are also kept at their outlet.

In their new designs, different motiff of Independence Day has given the importance to make them. There are different dresses for younger as well as the elders at their showrooms.

The owner of Anjans, Shahin Ahmed said that considering all aspects, the price of the dresses has been fixed on the occasion of great Independence Day. He informed that all the dresses are given by Tk. 700 to 1800.

A fashion show titled ‘Gallery Apex Life Is Beautiful’ is to be held at Hotel Radisson in Dhaka on February 3 to showcase Popular Indian fashion designer Agnimitra Paul’s designed clothes. Popular actors from Bangladesh and Kolkata will perform on the stage. Bangladeshi TV stars Novel, Tisha, Bindu, Momo, Nowshin and Mim will attend the show along with Kolkata’s star Rituparna Sengupta, Locket Chatterjee and Paoli Dam to fascinate the audiences. Another 20 professional ramp models will also take part in this event to showcase Agnimitra’s designed clothing.

This was released on tuesday at a press conference held at Hotel Ruposhi Bangla in the capital. Fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, Managing Director of Desh TV Asaduzzaman Nur, Deputy Managing Director of Desh TV Arif Hasan, and Managing Director of Apex Adelchi Footwear Bangladesh Ltd Syed Nasim Manjur attended the press conference among others.

It is heard that, to attend the show, Agnimitra Paul and Locket Chatterjee already reached in Dhaka. Rituparna Sengupta and Paoli Dam will arrive on Friday.

With the support of Apex Footwear, the fashion show will start at 7.45 pm and continued till 9:30pm. Two popular singers Rupankar and Pintu Ghosh will also perform at this fashion show. Satellite channel Desh TV will telecast the programme live.

To Support the acid victims, all the money gain from this fashion show will go to Prothom Alo Trust.


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The Marriage is a very special occasion in a woman’s life where a glow is imparted on the bride’s face. It is also most memorable day for every woman. As it is, everybody decorate themselves on their own preference. Every culture has their own costume for wedding like British brides wear white dress, Indian brides prefer both lehangga and shari but Bangladeshi brides usually wear shari.  As a Bangladeshi bride I think every bride should wear shari and it should be red or maroon because of it’s tradition.

In the past, dressing work was made by the friends and relatives who used to help the bride for the wedding. But, today, there are many beauty parlors. Their first work is planning to make the bride look her best on the wedding day where each bride has her own opinion. At first bride makes a routine about make-up and hairstyles considering the bride’s face structure and suitability.

Before wedding, bride should specially take care of her skin and face. For make-up tips first complete the makeup and then decide about hairstyle. The reason of it is when once the makeup is set, it becomes easy to choose the best hairstyle for the bride. For wedding make up, the face is first thoroughly cleaned up by cleanser product. It is also helps to hide dark spot and become shiny. After this, a pancake is applied to give the face a uniform base to put make-up on. While keeping the skin tone of the bride in mind, the right foundation shade is smoothed over so that it blends with skin color.When the pancake and foundation are applied on face and neck then eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara is applied. Then lips are to be outlined using a lip liner, and then filled with lipstick. The bride is made to glow using glitters over the eyebrows, chin and cheekbones. Here’s one thing is important that eye shadows and lipstick’s color should have a combination which match the dress.

It should also be remembered to choose eye shadow colors that suit the skin color of the bride. This why it is important to avoid using blue and green as eye shadows as they give a weird look to the face. The best colors for the lipsticks are maroons and browns while pinks have to be avoided as they clash with the dusky skin color. Then she can use golden or various stone ornaments. For the hairstyle, anything from the simple French braid to the complex buns and rolls look good to the bride. Various kinds of flower  can also be used.


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Fashion designers reality show “style guru” is coming up on NTV. It’s good news for Bangladeshi boys and girls who want to be a fashion designer. Style guru is a platform to show your design, a chance to show your hidden talent.

Style guru is the country’s first ever Fashion designer hunt on TV with a Cross Continent Judge Panel with attractive prizes for the top winners. It will help establish your dream of a high flying career as a fashion designer from Bangladesh in global standards. If you are above 18 and loves to create your own designs and has a passion for fashion, you are invited to participate in this contest. To contribute in this show you should be a Bangladeshi national.

Top prizes: Chance to create your own brand, exhibit your design in the international fashion show, NTV host, chance to contribute in the Purple magazine.

This will happen for the first time in Bangladesh and this is your chance to claim to be the first Style Guru of Bangladesh. To register you will need to fill up a form (http://www.styleguru.com.co/index.php?option=com_smsusers&task=show) and upload a picture of any of your original creations by December 5th, 2011. This program will be held in Dhaka between December 2011 to April 2012

So why wait! Let people know you are the next Happening name in Fashion from Bangladesh and Design your Dream!
For more information contact PURPLE magazine.


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Fashion industries in Bangladesh grooming!

A new era has begun in Fashion industry of Bangladesh. The industry has made an outstanding performance in the recent years and has the potential market to make a mark internationally. A lot of Fashion Shows being organized by various company where all top designers from Bangladesh exhibit their designs to show their creativity and earn appreciation at such a popular stage.

Bangladesh is the epicenter of textiles and handicrafts industries; there are many handicrafts industries in the cities and small towns of Bangladesh. The country is one of the largest exporter of textile garments and fabrics and second largest producer of knit product. Bangladeshi fashion designers are mainly inspired by the simple yet elegant apparel designs. They use silk and cotton in their apparels time to time. These designs are also appreciated internationally for their uniqueness and elegance.

Today, Fashion industry not just caters with the demand of younger generations but it covers almost people of all ages. Fashion designers focusing on every occasion from wedding to parties, conferences and even funerals.

They not just look after the interest of their high profiled clients like celebrities and elite classes but they also respect the middle class segment. Today people from middle class follow fashion closely and this has led to the tremendous progress of fashion designing industry. A career in fashion designing is promising and rewarding, all successful designers earn a good cash and appreciations.

Fashion designing is a highly paid job and with the advancement of fashion designing industry there is ample scope for amateur fashion designers. Designer clothes, shoes and accessories have become a symbol of status.

Many Bangladesh fashion designers have also exhibited their designs at the international arena for the beauty contests and fashion shows. Some of the supermodels of India and beauty queens who go to various countries for their ramp shows and contests widely use material from Bangladesh. As people getting aware of fashion, we will see dramatic change in Bangladeshi Life style.