‘Mirakkel Akkel challenger- 6’ champions Abu Hena Rony, Vicky and Partho

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Abu Hena Rony from Bangladesh and Vicky- Partho from Kolkata jointly win the champions trophy of ‘Mirakkel Akkel Challenger- 6’, a popular reality TV show of West Bengal. They received three million Rupees and a trophy as the award. Abu Hena Rony has received the viewer’s choice award based on the SMS from the viewers. The second place went to Apurbo Roy of West Bengal and the third place went to Anowarul Alam Sajol of Bangladesh.

The after final event was held on Sunday night at the Howra indoor stadium of West Bengal and the champions were announced by the judge’s marks. The event was hosted by Mir.

Abu Hena Rony, Sojal, Istiaq Naser, jamil from Bangladesh and Vicky- Partho, Apurbo Roy, Sangit Tewari, Potik and Polash from West Bengal participated in the final competition. The regular judges were Rojotobo Datta, Srelekha Mitra and Poran Bondapodya. The guest judges were Mithun Chakrabarti and Subhasri. The participants performed two performances each in front of the judges and the audience. The judges’ panel gave them marks based on their performance. The champion’s trophy was given by Mithun Chakrabarti.

Sourav, Krisnendu and Mridhul also performed as guest performer.

A new episode of Mirakkel entitled “Awesome Sala “will start from Monday.


    Apurbo…….Monta khali koreye dili//….